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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

When your heart wants what it wants

July 15th, 2019 | no comments

It was the eve of Nabeel’s 1st birthday on Thursday night. He’s my youngest of 3 boys.  I was rocking it out to “Royals” by Lorde.

I was reflecting on all the moments in my life where I always felt like I was between two worlds.. I distinctly remember when I was 14 and on a family trip to Canada’s Wonderland. I was dancing in my hijab in the green room and this boy on the other side of the glass exclaimed ,

“Dad! Look! A nun dancing to Beyonce!!”

(I didn’t hear the boy, but my parents found it hilarious and told me the story when I re-joined them after my dance off)

I wonder what your own version is ..of this marrying of two worlds … ?

Have you made some vows that the two worlds shall not mix?

That you can make money – but you can’t make money doing what you absolutely love? Or that you can only do one or the other?

I was talking to a client who just completed 18 months of work together and she came to me when she was feeling a little lost, like she was drifting. She had a lot of judgment around her career choices from family but  the fact is – she was highly qualified but didn’t want the end result of what the qualification led to.. eg Phd = a career in academia. But in her heart, she knew she didn’t want that.

What do you do when you reach a pivotal moment like that?

It can be scary right?

What happens when you’ve sacrificed a big part of your life to get qualified in something, only to find out, your heart’s not lit up by the industry or how that whole world works?

To have the courage to say out loud “I don’t want that” is the first step.

Tas reached a point in her journey where she wanted to find something to dedicate her next 10 years to. She didn’t know the answer, but she was committed to finding out.

During our work together, she found her own brand of “What sparks joy” in her career  : ) After Marie Kondo’ing her wardrobe and home too, she was less weighed down by her stuff.. and the white noise.. and life brought to her , her perfect career.

It infused her love of travel , teaching and teens  : ) Teaching English as a second language in residential colleges.

What I am most excited about is that her real personal vision was to expand her family and adopt an older child. That was at the core of the work. Her career move had to fit in with this personal vision.

She said “Nadhira, you know this role is putting me in direct contact with older kids?? The ones that other people deem trouble!.. and I LOVE them!”

My heart was so lit up hearing that : ) Isn’t it so beautiful how the Universe works : )

She said excitedly to her husband Mike after her first day at her new job, “We are so not going to have a problem adopting an older child.”

She could see their specialness and.. I just know she will be building her own version of a home that sparks joy when life gets her ready for that big personal adventure she’s taking on next inshaa Allah or God willing as I like to say.

This career piece resolving itself is the stepping stone to making that personal vision and dream a reality.

The income from this job will provide the lenders with what they need so she and her hubby can be approved for a mortgage to buy a bigger home that could fit a growing family God willing.

When I commented to Tas, “How do I explain to people what we did because sometimes it feels so intangible ! “ : ) She said.. “While the work itself might seem intangible.. the results are So tangible!”

She even lost 30lbs during this journey.. getting rid of excess.. anything that wasn’t required.. so she could get to the core of what she wanted. Whilst this wasn’t a focus of our work together, Tas got rid of anything that didn’t fit the life she was growing into. The losing weight was just an added bonus of her increased frequency that she created by committing her energy , time and money in the direction of what she wanted. 

If this sounds intriguing to you.. I have a special invitation.

Book a call with me to take a look at your own life and bring me an area that’s causing you some level of frustration or challenge.

Maybe you’ve been trying to figure it out yourself and the situation hasn’t shifted.

Spend 15 minutes with me and we’ll get to the core of it on the call with me.

To apply: reply to this email with “I feel like I need to pivot – can we talk?”

I may send you some questions to answer beforehand so I get a sense of the problem and we’ll meet on the phone or skype to get some answers.

Having someone have a strong connected heart is at the core of what I bring to someone when we work together, so if you’ve had trouble hearing your heart speak or are in need of a good cleaning of that beautiful vessel of yours.. consider booking a call to reconnect and re-navigate xx

Email: or complete the contact form below so we can connect.

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