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Why We Don’t Do What We Know We Need to Do to Move Forward

August 27th, 2014 | no comments


Have you been putting off a project or something in your business that you know if you did do it, it would make a massive difference?

In this video we look at why you might be doing that : )

Yes.. we are talking about procrastinating and why you might be doing it.

Here are the cliff notes:

It’s a little deeper than that though. It’s the conflict that’s going on inside of you and how you might be viewing the situation. If you’re reading this, chances are you are a high achiever and always thrive for excellence in all that you do. If a report comes back with feedback as “average” or “mediocre” that would be pretty devastating to you. Why? Because work and your identity is wrapped up with your value and worth as a person.

So in order to avoid getting out something average, you perfect and perfect this thing you’re working on, keeping yourself in constant preparation mode without ever starting. Then you’re under pressure and you put out just ‘anything’ which really isn’t a reflection of what you’re really capable of.. so you get to still protect yourself from criticism because any feedback that comes your way is just feedback on your less than ideal performance right? So again, you get to protect yourself from fear of failure or not being good enough.


Where did this whole “I’m not good enough” self talk come from anyway? Maybe you were a high achiever in school and you brought back A’s and high distinctions and there was an expectation that you always need to do your best and strive for excellence no matter what you did. Then one day you bring home report card with a B in Math and instead of celebrating the A’s in your other subjects, you got called out for the “B”, “How come you got a B in Math?”

So then you have a feeling of “Oh gosh, no matter what I do, it’s never good enough. It’s never enough. Even if I brought back more A’s I’m going to be expected to do even better” , so the bar is raised for the next time. So your relationship with success isn’t even pretty because you feel like more will be expected of you even if you did do something “successful”.

Eventually this tiresome exercise leads you to believe things like “I am not good enough” or “I’m not worthy. I’m inadequate, I’ll never measure up”.. and then you give up.. slowly..

You drag your feet over a project because there’s parts of you trying so hard to get all the pieces “just right”, just to protect yourself from getting hurt again with all that criticism.

The anxiety and fear of failure that this cycle perpetuates creates a feeling in you where you want to relieve all that tension you’re feeling.

So what do you do? You relieve the tension by distracting yourself with other activities that temporarily relieve the tension. Doing things in your business that you know aren’t that high impact.. but still create a feeling of safety for you.

The thing is, the relief you get is temporary. It won’t fulfill you for long. You can’t fool yourself. You know this 😉

The procrastination then allows us to label ourselves as lazy and then bring about that inner authoritarian judge that Forces us to get out there and do the work.. again.. Not fun. You can’t sustain yourself to work like this.

The solution?

Connect with that side of you that can be retaught how to accept yourself just the way you are. The part of you that knows, no matter what you do, everything is perfect. You are perfectly human.

Remember when you were a little girl and every movement, every facial expression, the way you sat, stood, danced, was greeted with immense love and acceptance for who you were as a child?

Connect with that part and bring more of you into alignment with who you truly are.

You weren’t born lazy! You know how much energy you have when you get in the flow and you’re working on something that is so aligned for you!

If you need my help in assessing if you’re sabotaging yourself because you’re actually meant to take something off your plate, or you require some healing in order to bring parts of you back into alignment so that you can go in the direction of your dreams, that project, maybe One project that’s been calling your name, then click here to book a Truth Session

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